Fecal Contamination Prevention Policy

  1. Forbid diaper changing at pool areas. Provide a safe and easily accessible diaper changing area.
  2. Require toddlers who are not toilet trained to wear swim diapers or other protective clothing that will lessen the chance of fecal contamination and does not risk the operation of the filtering system.
  3. Post a warning instructing tenants not to drink the pool water.
  4. Do not allow children to use the pool if illness or diarrhea has been evident within the previous two weeks.
  5. Do not rinse diaper-aged children in the pool before, during or after changing.
  6. Parents should assist their children to the bathroom at regular intervals.
  7. Tenants are to wash their hands with soap and water after changing a diaper.
  8. No pets allowed in the pool.
  9. Notify the management immediately if a child has had a fecal accident.
  10. Notify the management immediately if anyone develops a gastrointestinal illness that may have been related to a swimming pool or spa incident.